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People say that Japanese language is one of the most difficult languages in the world because it has many ways to write the words and its pronunciation is diffucult too. But, this is the best guide to learn Japanese language with useful information for beginners an for all th people who want to learn Japanese Language.

Time in Japanese

Time-(時間)-(じかん)-( Jikan )
Time Elements
English Kanji Hiragana/ Katakana Romaji
Minute ぶん Bun
Hour 時 間 じかん Jikan
half past ... はん ... Han
Day Hi
Week しゅ Shū
Month つき Tsuki
Year とし Toshi
Morning あさ Asa
Afternoon 午 後 ごご Gogo
Evening よる Yoru
Night ナイト Naito
p.m 午 後 ごご Gogo
a.m 午 前 ごぜん Gozen

time What time is it? -(今何時ですか?)-
(なんじかんですか)-(Nan-jikan desuka)

Time Kanyi Hiragana/katakana Romaji
3:00 三 時 さん じ San Ji
4:00 四 時 よん じ Yon Ji
1:00 1時 いち じ Ichi Ji
6:00 6時 ろく じ Roku Ji
8:00 8時 8-じ 8-Ji
11:00 11時 11-じ 11-Ji
2:30 二時 半 に じ はん Ni Ji Han
1:15 一時 十五分 いち じ じゅうご ふん Ichi Ji Jūgo Fun
7:25 7時 25分 しち じ にじゅうご ふん Shichi Ji Nijūgo Fun
2:26 2時 26分 に じ にじゅうろっぷん Ni Ji Nijūroppun
3:38 3時 38分 3-じ 38-ふん 3-Ji 38-Fun
9:27 2時 27分 9-じ 27-ふん 9-Ji 27-Fun

When you read numbers there is a rule with the final number in the minutes.
If the number finish in ... at last you have to say ....
1 - ippun 6 - roppun
2 - ni fun 7 - shichi fun
3 - san pun 8 - happun
4 - yon pun 9 - ku fun
5 - go fun 10 - juppun

  • It's seven o'clock.
  • それは七時です。
  • Sore wa nana-jidesu.
  • It's quarter to two.
  • これは、二四半期です。
  • Kore wa, ni shihankidesu.
  • It's twenty past six.
  • その六時二十。
  • Sono roku-ji ni jū.
  • it's twelve o'clock
  • それは十二時だ
  • Sore wa jū ni-jida

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