to write - Kaku - 書く

As we know, Japanese verbs can be conjugated in many ways. Students need to know how to conjugate each verb. However, the correct conjugation depends on what kind of verb it is. The verb Kaku (to write in English language) is a verb that belongs to the Godan/Yodan group of Japanese verbs. The kaku verb, as any other verb in the Godan group (first group), has plenty of conjugations and combinations.

Here is a chart that displays the most important conjugations of the verb kaku (to write) 書く.

Conjugation of Japanese verb Kaku - to write 書く
Form Kanji Romaji
Informal Present 書く kaku
Formal Present
(~ masu Form)
書きます kakimasu
Informal Past 
(~ ta Form)
書いた kaita
Formal Past  書きました kakimashita
Informal Negative
(~ nai Form)
書かない kakanai
Formal Negative 書きません kakimasen
Informal Past Negative 書かなかった kakanakatta
Formal Past Negative 書きませんでした kakimasen deshita
~ te Form 書いて kaite
Conditional 書けば kakeba
Volitional 書こう kakou
Passive 書かれる kakareru
Causative 書かせる kakaseru
Potential 書ける kakeru
Imperative (Command) 書け kake

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