to take - Kakaru - かかる

Kakaru かかる, is another Japanese verb that means (to take money or take time.) This verb has an interesting characteristic: there is no kanji for this verb. It is available only in the Hiragana alphabet かかる.

Here is a chart of the correct conjugation of this Japanese verb.

Conjugation of Japanese verb Kakaru - to take かかる
Form Kanji Romaji
Informal Present かかる kakaru
Formal Present
(~ masu Form)
かかります kakarimasu
Informal Past 
(~ ta Form)
かかった kakatta
Formal Past  かかりました kakarimashita
Informal Negative
(~ nai Form)
かからない kakaranai
Formal Negative かかりません kakarimasen
Informal Past Negative かからなかった kakaranakatta
Formal Past Negative かかりませんでした kakarimasen deshita
~ te Form かかって kakatte
Conditional かかれば kakareba
Volitional かかろう kakarou

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