to play - Asobu - 遊ぶ

Asobu means “to play or have fun” and it is another important Japanese verb. It is in the group of Godan verbs which is the first group of verbs in the Japanese language. In the Kanji alphabet the representation of the verb is “遊ぶ”. In Hiragana the verb is represented as "あそぶ". However, Japanese people tend to use the Kanji alphabet.

Conjugation of Japanese verb Asobu - to play 遊ぶ
Form Kanji Romaji
Informal Present 遊ぶ asobu
Formal Present
(~ masu Form)
遊びます asobimasu
Informal Past 
(~ ta Form)
遊んだ asonda
Formal Past  遊びました asobimashita
Informal Negative
(~ nai Form)
遊ばない asobanai
Formal Negative 遊びません asobimasen
Informal Past Negative 遊ばなかった asobanakatta
Formal Past Negative 遊びませんでした asobimasen deshita
~ te Form 遊んで asonde
Conditional 遊べば asobeba
Volitional 遊ぼう asobou
Passive 遊ばれる asobareru
Causative 遊ばせる asobaseru
Potential 遊べる asoberu
Imperative (Command) 遊べ asobe

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