Japanese Dictionaries

When you are studying Japanese language, you must have a dictionary because you will need some time to understand all the vocabulary and its writing. You also need a Kanji dictionary because there are more than 2000 basic Kanji in Japanese Language and each one has a different writing. Top 10 dictionaries are mention hereby.

Japanese Dictionary Japanese Dictionary
Translate words, web site, and documents in real time. Free online translations.

Japanese dictionary Denshi Jisho
This dictionary allows you to search by word, kanji or sentence, which is very useful when trying to understand the meaning of a complete sentence.

Japanese dictionary Online English to Japanese to English dictionary
This dictionary can search a complete word; if you don't know the word, you can search a part of the word.

Japanese dictionary WWWJDIC
This dictionary has many sections for your search such as legal terms; here you can find lots of specialized Kanji.

Japanese dictionary English Japanese Online Dictionary
This dictionary has the romaji dictionary for beginners. In addition, there are some funny games to learn Japanese language.

Japanese dictionary Tangorin.com
This dictionary has a lot of examples for the kanji or word that you search.

Japanese dictionary Animelab.com
When you search in this dictionary, you will see the Kanji, hiragana, romaji and their definitions.

Japanese dictionary Free Online Dictionary
This dictionary accepts all kinds of input when searching a word; you can input kanji, kana, romaji or English on it.

Japanese dictionary Japanese Dictionary
This dictionary has a word directory to search as in traditional dictionaries (books).

Japanese dictionary Kotoban.jp
This dictionary shows pronunciations, definitions in English and Japanese, related words, phrases, and examples.

Japanese dictionary Japanese Kanji Dictionary
When you search in this dictionary, you will have the kanji, the radical, the meaning, the reading, and examples with pronunciation. You can also filter the result by grade.

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