to come - Kuru - 来る

The verb Kuru 来る (to come) is another important irregular verb in the Japanese language. As we know, there are three main groups that represent the Japanese verbs. We are talking about the Godan verbs, Ichidan verbs and irregular verbs. The verb Kuru belongs to the “irregular verbs” group. This Japanese verb is also used as an auxiliary verb or a lexical verb.

Here is a chart that shows the right conjugation of the Kuru 来る verb.

Conjugation of Japanese verb Kuru - to come 来る
Form Kanji Romaji
Informal Present 来る kuru
Formal Present
(~ masu Form)
来ます kimasu
Informal Past 
(~ ta Form)
来た kita
Formal Past  来ました Kimashita
Informal Negative
(~ nai Form)
来ない konai
Formal Negative 来ません Kimasen
Informal Past Negative 来なかった Konakatta
Formal Past Negative 来ませんでした Kimasen deshita
~ te Form 来て Kite
Conditional 来れば Kureba
Volitional 来よう Koyou
Passive 来られる Korareru
Causative 来させる Kosaseru
Potential 来られる Korareru
Imperative (Command) 来い Koi

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