Demonstrative adjective

Definition: The desmostrative adjectives describe nouns and there position. In this case, one needs to put a noun after the demonstrative adjectives.

There are three demostrative adjetives in Japanese language, which are:

English Katakana/Hiragana Romaji
This この Kono
That その Sono
あの Ano

  • この----> Kono-------->It refers to an object or person near to the speaker
  • その----> Sono--------> It refers to an object or person near to the listener
  • あの----> Ano---------> It refers to an object or person far from both the speaker and the listener

  • Whose is this umbrella?
  • これはだれの傘ですか?
  • Kore wa dare no kasadesu ka?
  • This bag is mine
  • この かばん は わたし の です
  • Kono kaban wa watashi nodesu
  • That dog is yours.
  • その犬はあなた次第です。
  • Sono inu wa anata shidaidesu
  • That is John's bag
  • あの かばん は ジョン さん の です
  • Ano kaban wa jon-san nodesu

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