Japanese (日本語, nihongo) is a language spoken by approx. 130 million people. They mostly live in Japan and partially in immigrant communities all around the world. The language belongs to the Japanese-Ryukyuan language family.

Japanese is an agglutinative language containing many levels of formulas of courtesy. The word agglutinative is a derivation of the Latin verb “agglutinare” that means "to glue together”. An agglutinative language is a form of synthetic language, which uses affixes (i.e. prefixes, suffixes and infixes) to express just one individual grammatical function and is added to the radix of a word.
Japanese writing system belongs to the most difficult ones in the world.

Unlike other languages, one can find four different writing systems in Japan, romaji, katakana, hiragana, and kanji; that is why many people consider Japanese as one of the most difficult languages to learn. Due to Japan is a world power, Japanese education system is considered as one of the best in Asia.

Although, Japan is comprised by over 4000 islands, the four main islands are:
  • Hokkaido.
  • Honshu.
  • Shikoku.
  • Kyushu.
Most of Japanese regions are cover by mountains and volcanoes. Due to the islands of Japan are located in an area known as The Ring of Fire in the Pacific, many earthquakes occur annually, that is why Japanese buildings must meet many strict seismic safety standards.

The two major religions in Japan are Shinto and Buddhism, although religion does not play an important role in Japan, Japanese traditions are preserved, since many centuries ago, that is why it is not uncommon to see couple marrying in the traditional Japanese way.

Another important feature of Japan is its cuisine. Japanese cuisine is considered by many people as one of the most delicious, the most important meal is definitely Sushi that is prepared from fish.

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Japanese Language History

Japanese Language History

Nobody can deny that Japanese culture is one of the most ancients. Learning about Japanese history is definitely one thing that we should keep in mind, because we could understand the importance that this culture has today.
Japanese Language Statistics

Japanese Language Statistics

We provide useful information about statistics in Japan; this information is based in the recent events that occurred in Japan. You will also find useful about the current situation in Japan compared with other countries.
Flag of China

Flag of China

The Japanese flag is a large gold star with four smaller gold stars circling it in the right hand section of a red flag that represents the communist revolution.

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